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Ways A Recruiting Organization Can Support Disabled Employees

Haseeb Jangda- February 2, 2022

In the United States, there are around 61 million adults with disabilities. This indicates that approximately one out of every four persons has a disability. Perhaps it’s time for your agency to take a more strategic look at this pool of talent considering the tightening labor market.

You probably have some concerns or preconceived conceptions about what hiring a disabled individual will entail for your company.

After looking to recruiter agencies and workers on helping people with disabilities thrive in the workplace, there tend to be similar ideas.

Informing Employers

Some employers may believe that all the accommodations would be difficult or costly,

but this is simply not true. Use this as a chance

to tell your employers that by modifying their agreements, they may get access to even more top-tier personnel.

Account managers and recruiters may find it unpleasant at first to conduct these conversations

with clients but going the additional mile can highlight tiny ways your clients may make their organizations more inclusive. Oftentimes, these allowances are minor tweaks that customers are eager to make and go a long way in creating your reputation as a trusted partner with your staff. You may offer a training course for your internal staff, individual branches, or clients that want to be more inclusive at your agency. Many organizations provide training and toolkits, some of which are even free!


Utilizing Tech

While it may be assumed that a candidate with

a handicap will require costly or time-consuming modifications, this is no longer the case thanks to technological advancements. There are a plethora of services and applications available to assist with communication and job placement.

Screen readers or screen magnifiers are examples of low-cost technologies that can help those with weak eyesight. This technology may be installed on PCs at your agency or at client locations to allow people who are blind to claim assignments. Ask your hotel or restaurant clients whether this can be combined with their current POS system since there are POS systems that give features

for visually impaired or blind staff.

Technology is constantly improving people’s daily life. If you’re hiring and placing disabled people, there’s almost certainly a simple technological solution that can help them succeed in their jobs.

Staffing firms are always on the lookout for bright employees, and disabled prospects should not be disregarded. Effectively hiring in these areas may help alter someone’s life while also connecting your employers with a hardworking, devoted worker in

a sector where turnover is among the main issues.

It’s a big win.

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