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Best Morning Routine Ideas for Essential Working 2021

Haseeb Jangda- January 29, 2021

The best things we can do for ourselves is to preplan everything, unless you are one of the few people who are able to achieve everything in the early hours, then disregard! Recent research concludes that a traditional 9-5 working day is structured to help those who work at their best early in the day. Contrary to the research, you are still able to curate a morning routine that contributes to a productive day with the XL Pro guide to create and design your perfect morning with proven tips on how to combat rushing into work or falling behind in your work week!

Be Prepared

The most important thing to stress is having all of your belongings and plans together the night before, ESPECIALLY if you are not a morning person. Whether you are writing down your to-do’s or planning your outfit, preparing everything the night before will erase some of those hard decisions in the morning.


Wake up Early-

Setting multiple alarms and snoozing them doesn’t seem like a big deal, but you are actually disrupting your REM cycle and waking up groggier versus waking up on time. If you are someone who struggles to get out of bed regardless of alarms, try going to bed at least 1-2 hours earlier. 


 The food you consume in the morning directly affects work performance. Mindfully choosing healthy foods will give you energy and satisfy your food cravings while setting the tone for positive choices all day. Prepare food the night or weekend before for the best time-saving results or set an earlier alarm. 



Exercise doesn’t need to be intense or something you’re dreading. Simple stretching, meditation, and positive affirmations to yourself are also exercises that require little physical commitment and can be incredibly good for your mental and physical health in the long run.

Get Organized 

Proven methods of creating your morning routine will include a combination of tips you decide for yourself, as every individual will have different preferences. A fun way to prepare for work can be setting up a whiteboard next to your bed and writing out how your day will look.

Office Desktop.jpg

Set Goals 


Not just the boring kind! Getting creative with a vision board or accountability drastically improves your chances of completing them. You are probably wondering, “Why should I set goals during my morning routine?” and the answer is simple: motivation! Completing goals releases happy chemicals in your brain and being able to look forward to some of your goals can help stimulate you at work and outside of work.

Mix it Up

Do things you wouldn’t typically do to revitalize and evaluate your goals. Change is important to prevent burn out and one of our tips is to take a cold shower on occasion. While this is an uncomfortable suggestion, scientific research will say that cold showers increase circulation, wakes you up faster, reduces depression and anxiety, burns fat, and increases productivity.

Change it up.png

Figure Out What You Like

Figure Out What You Like – Reward yourself for the things you complete from your morning routine. Is it the smell fresh coffee in the morning or a warm fuzzy robe that awaits you? Maybe it is a hot shower after a workout or an exciting plan for the day, as long as you can incentivize yourself, you will be able to meet your morning routine goals.

let Celebrate-01.png

 Celebrate Yourself- Celebrating little wins at the end of the day are just as important as any of the tips above. Remind yourself that you are doing great by implementing self-care tips.

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