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a critical component of employee business stability. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws. One glitch can cause employee dissatisfaction and/or legal problems. Whether you are a small one-shop stop, a mega-company, a multi-branch business, or somewhere between XL Pro can help find the perfect candidate for your company.

At XL Pro, we understand that attracting, engaging, and retaining the right talent for your business is vital. We do not skip any steps in finding top-quality, well-matched candidates for every client – in every HR position, including but not limited to the following positions

Administrative Assistant


The average salary of an Administrative Assistant ranges between 33k-86k per year. Job duties may include supporting managers and employees through a variety of tasks related

to organization and communication. Typically responsible

for confidential and time-sensitive material and familiarity

with a variety of the field’s concepts such as practices

and procedures.

Executive Assistant

The average salary of an Executive Assistant ranges between 45k – 86k per year. Job duties consist of supporting management, including executives, using

a variety of project management, communication,

or organizational skills

Man in Suit

File Clerk

The average salary of a file clerk ranges between

34k – 44k per year. File clerks are responsible

for organizing all documents online and physical. Documents can include receipts, contracts, and invoices. File clerks will ensure company documents have copies and can be easily located.

HR Assistant/Coordinator

The average salary of an HR assistant ranges between 28k – 53k per year. An HR assistant is a certified professional assisting the HR manager with recruiting and payroll needs. HR assistants will also be responsible for maintaining all records and providing clerical support as needed.




The average salary of a receptionist ranges between 29k – 45k per year. Receptionists will be responsible

for answering all calls, having exceptional customer service skills while working in a face-paced environment, and maintains security and telecommunications. Ability to manage data entries

and reports.

HR Staffing Specialist

The average salary of an HR staffing specialist ranges between 25k – 85k per year. HR staffing specialists are responsible for advising appropriate management staff of any irregularities upon recruitment or hiring process, prepares necessary employment paperwork, maintains all reports and staff paperwork, and tracks company percentage reports.


Office Coordinator

The average salary of an office coordinator ranges between 32k – 54k per year. Office coordinators are responsible for front desk management. This can typically include answering phones, maintaining office supplies, and scheduling meetings and appointments.

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