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The light industry produces small consumer goods. Examples of light industries include the manufacturing and distribution of food products, clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics, and home appliances. Our light industrial clients have strict deadlines and many times even work through the night. XL Pro’s recruiters are on call all hours of the day to ensure clients’ production never stops. As experts in workforce management, XL Pro can design, implement, and manage a temporary workforce program, aligned with clients’ specific requirements.


Manufacturing Associate/Production

The average salary of a manufacturing associate ranges between 24k – 35k per year. Manufacturing and production associate tasks include quality assurance checks, cleaning and maintaining production equipment, and packing and sorting materials.

Warehouse Distribution Associate

The average salary of a warehouse distribution associate ranges between 24k – 51k per year.

Job duties include loading and unloading stock from deliveries, processing and receiving merchandise,

and warehouse upkeep. Other tasks involve operating packing machinery and frequent quality assurance checks.


Warehouse Assembly

The average salary of a warehouse assembler ranges between 21k–39k per year. Warehouse assembly tasks include following blueprint specifications, utilizing tools and assembly parts, and repair products, as necessary. Warehouse assemblers are in charge of being detail oriented and carefully studying instructions for product quality.

Shipping and Receiving

The average salary for shipping and receiving ranges between 23k – 40k per year. Warehouse shipping and receiving job duties include collecting incoming and outgoing merchandise records, creating mailing labels, and ensuring all records are filed correctly.


 Forklift Drivers

The average salary of a forklift driver ranges between 25k – 40k per year. Responsibilities include operating industrial trucks to load and unload shipments and products, organizing stock on shelving, and checking all stock is securely placed. Forklift drivers must be certified to operate forklifts.

Skilled Positions

The average salary of a skilled positions ranges between 30k – 45k per year. Our skilled warehouse positions include electricians, certified machine operators, certified machine maintenance, welders, fabrication operators, and more. Inquire within to learn more.

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