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Whether for a corporation or an individual seeking legal assistance at

a law firm, the legal focus is on the desire to serve others by respecting the law. These jobs are an element of the legal system that aids in making sure the law is followed.

Receptionist (Legal Secretary)

Office employee

The average salary of a data analyst ranges between

43k – 58k per year. Job responsibilities for Legal Secretary

is to directly support the Lawyers: client appointment scheduling, organization and upkeep of all on-site legal documentation are among other essential responsibilities.

Case Manager

The average salary of an Case managers ranges between 37k – 42k per year. Case managers keep

track of documents, dates, and other crucial case information. This background work frees up attorneys

to concentrate on overarching plans.

Office service


Business Team

The average salary of a paralegals ranges between

39k – 64k per year. Job responsibilities under the direction

of attorneys, paralegals carry out important legal tasks. 

In other words, a paralegal is much more than just a case manager or a lawyer's helper. They also conduct client interviews, produce legal papers, and manage the

day-to-day operations of the law firm.


The average salary of an Attorneys ranges between

85k – 115k per year. Attorneys, who are also known

as lawyers, fight for the rights of their clients. Offering counsel, drafting or revising contracts, or even defending clients in court are all examples of this.

Meeting with a Lawyer

Partner Level-Executive Partner

shutterstock_2129756276 (1).jpg

The average salary of a Executive partner ranges between

139k – 186k per year. As a executive partner at a law firm,

you will assume a variety of diverse leadership roles that advances the firm's legal procedures and important decision making; that will determine the destiny of the organization.

You will have a deep understanding of the law firm's aims

and objectives to help it flourish. Also covering the responsibilities of managing the organization's overall management plan, finances, social accountability, workplace compliance, etc.

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