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At the hotel reception


Hospitality means service. In this broad and growing industry, employees work to satisfy customers. Whether for business or leisure, at a hotel or a restaurant, the goal is to build a good relationship between the guests and the host. At XL Pro, we work with many of the largest brands and franchises in the industry. Additionally, our experienced recruiters are on call all hours of the day to ensure we meet our clients’ last-minute needs promptly.

Hotel Staff with Towels

Stewarding and Housekeeping

The average salary of stewarding and housekeeping range between 20k – 80k per year. Job duties include cleaning and attending to rooms, customer service, and cleaning anywhere else, as necessary. Stewards may also be in charge of some administrative duties such as answering phones, handling reservations, and assisting kitchen staff.


The average salary of a bellhop range between 20k – 100k per year depending on prior experience. Bellhops are in charge of tending to guest needs such as car valet, caring for luggage, and organizing transportation. Bellhops should have customer service and social skills.

Professional Kitchen

Food Preparation Worker

The average salary of a food preparation worker ranges between 20k – 35k per year. Food preparation workers are in charge of having cold food products ready for cooks or food service managers. Job responsibilities also include cutting and slicing, reporting to cooks or food service managers, and maintaining kitchen equipment.

TABC - Certified Bartenders

The average salary of a bartender ranges between 16k – 34k per year. Job responsibilities include preparing drinks, taking orders, and serving all customers. This position requires a TABC license.

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