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Working From Home VS Working In The Office. What Works For You?

Haseeb Jangda- January 25, 2022

Working From Home vs Work

With work-life and culture changing so rapidly, the way we see going to work is changing as well. Home is becoming more of a normal job site location, and with that comes new benefits and potential challenges. So, if you’re looking for a new job, let’s compare the two and figure out what works best for you.


Faster Response Times and Problem

Being in the office means if you have a problem that requires someone else to help, you can just talk to the person next to you or walk a few feet

to ask someone. You can get your questions answered faster and if there’s any follow-up, you’d get a response within seconds.

Networking Opportunities

A quick response time leads to the next benefit, networking. Networking can be essential to certain jobs; a lot of networking conversations are done in person and can be in the spur of

the moment. The office can bring a slew of opportunities to both established employees

and new ones, including meeting with colleagues who can possibly help you in advancing your career.

Team Atmosphere

Working in an office setting can bring on developing friendships and a sense of teamwork when tackling a big project. You can understand how your coworkers operate and build your own workflows to make the project process easier.


Inactive Lifestyle

Most office jobs require you to sit at a desk

for up to 8 hours (sometimes more than that)

on weekdays. Sitting for long periods can be

a detriment to your health after some time, and at the end of the day, you might be too tired to work out. However, this can be helped with occasionally getting up and walking around as much as you can.

More Expensive

With the cost of commuting by bus or car

and getting takeout for lunch, expenses can add up. Food and gas could be $10 here or $20 there for a few days, it could make a big difference from working from home. Half of this could be taken care of by cooking food and bringing it for lunch.

Working from Home


Increased Productivity

Now, this just depends on the person, but research shows that 16,000 people who

work from home found that their productivity increased by 13% over 9 months. (Please cite this source) Things like noise interruptions, office politics, and other possible disruptions are eliminated by working where you live.

Saves Money

A previous problem that working in the

office caused is solved by working from

home. Driving the work and grabbing food from restaurants are significantly cut down.

It’ll be easier to snack on the food you already have and only use gas when you need it outside of work.


No Social Interaction

Humans are a naturally social species (as we’ve seen with the pandemic) and staying

in one building all day can mess with a person emotionally. 45% of workers report that they have felt isolated and lonely since working from home, compared to 25% of office workers feeling this way. (Please cite this source) (Also, please mention depression in this section)

Boundary Issues

Like a new boyfriend/girlfriend that sleeps

over every night, boundaries can be a real issue working from home. When those two worlds collide it’s easy to work over your 8 hours, feeling like you can’t take a step back from work. Having a consistent spot to work

at can help alleviate those feelings.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits and drawbacks of each option, figure out what you prioritize more in the long run and choose at your discretion.

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